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PROKONE Oy offers its customers a maintenance and repair service for metalworking machines using its own resources and with the help of partners covering the whole Finland. Electronics, electrical, mechanical, machine failure and periodic maintenance, regardless of make and model, contacting us is enough. Our specialties are:

  • Maintenance, repairs, alterations and automation applications for CNC lathes, machining centers, milling machines and other machine tools
  • Maintenance, repairs and retrofitting of press brakes, sheet metal work centers, sheet metal cutters and separate CNC rear stops
  • Mechanical repairs, geometrical checks and adjustments and leveling of machine tools


If the CNC machine is in good mechanical condition, but the control is damaged or outdated, modernizing the machine is a viable option. Modernization involves the replacement of control, servomotors, servo controllers and spindle drives with new ones, either partially or completely. The modernization provides modern control functions and additional features at a fraction of the price of a new machine.


By mechanically overhauling the machine, some, if not all, of it’s original accuracies are restored. Overhaul involves going through and adjusting as well as possible replacements or repairs of the most important mechanical parts of the machine. During the renovation, e.g. bearings, lubrication system, guide surfaces, seals and guide wipers, ball screws, hydraulics, drive belts, shaft servo and spindle motor connectors are checked and looked through. After the overhaul, the leveling and geometry shall be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s report.


There are situations in the factory that the machine or machines need to be moved, either inside the factory or from one factory to another. This happens to most machines at least once after initial installation. Prokone Oy’s mechanics and electricians, as well as the transport professionals cooperating with us, make machine transfers with solid professional skills and experience. We carry out disassembly, transfer, transport, installation and commissioning according to the customer’s wishes, so that the machines can be put back into production as quickly as possible.


We apply automatic part handling, workpiece checks, feeders, additional functions and safety-related modifications to machine tools. Our partners are several manufacturers and suppliers operating in Finland and abroad, which enable us to deliver the right application to our customers. We sell, install and service CNC backstage and angle adjustment controls for HURCO AUTOBEND press brakes.


After co-operation with several machine suppliers and service companies, Prokone Oy has decided to start a laser measurement service. In addition to lengths and geometric measurements, machine compensation and adjustments can also be performed during the measurement. Prokone Oy co-operates with Optodyne Inc. and uses an Optodyne parallel beam laser. Compared to a traditional single-beam laser, a dual-beam laser measures with two parallel laser beams simultaneously. By doing this, we can check both the length of the movement and also the straightness of that movement.


Prokone Oy performs thermal camera imaging of equipment and switchgear. Based on the thermal camera images, the condition of the equipment can be assessed and possible future fault cases can be detected in advance. Thermal camera imaging can thus save the customer’s money both by preventing equipment breakdowns and by directing maintenance resources from “firefighting” to long-term maintenance planning.


Prokone Oy offers machine tool spindle spring package traction / drawbar force measurements as well as hydraulic and pneumatic compression pressure measurements.